Rajkot Smart City Development Ltd.

Rajkot got selected as Smart City in the Third round of Smart City Mission on June-2017, based on the combination of Area Based Development(ABD) Proposal of Green Field Area at Raiya TP-32 on the west side of city and development of IT solutions in PAN City Smart Solutions. Consequently, Rajkot Municipal Corporation formed a Special Purpose Vehicle(SPV), Rajkot Smart City Development Ltd (RSCDL) to develop the vision of Rajkot Smart City.

RSCDL and RMC aspire to create a people’s capital that is vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and modern which is not only a glowing pride for all the people of Rajkot but also a magnet for skilled migrants, industries, business,professionals from across the state. It would synthesize the best features of urban planning, sustainability, active governance to create an inclusive, highly livable,and world-class urban eco-system.

It is aspired that the city will become an ultimate destination for the investors, businesses, education, tourism, research and development. Hence the vision, “To develop Rajkot as smart, livable and iconic city of Gujarat with inclusive growth and sustainable development, by leveraging its historical strengths and providing state of the art infrastructure, delivery of services and empowering ecosystem by enabling citizens to realize their dreams.”