Area Based Development

Key Projects
1. 40 000 sq. m Management & Convention Centre – 140 Cr.
2. 30 000 sq. m Exhibition Centre – 60 Cr.
3. 10000 sq. m Incubation Centre – 20 Cr.
4. 5000 sq. m skill Development Centre – 10. Cr.
5. Smart Hawker's zone (Project Utthan) – 1.50 Cr.

Employment and Economy

60,000 Sq. Mt. world class management and convention center along with exhibition centre of 5,000- 7,000 seating capacity and hospitality to both economic driers.
35,000 Sq. M. Museum and exhibition center to enhance the culture
A smart Interpreted control and command center is proposed to control various services from a single location and help implement the smart features like Solar electric lights, mobility systems, PA systems
A word class skill development center to enhance the basic skill in a society of sustenance, Various training sessions will be established for those to benefit who can’t afford the direct sources of Education

Housing and Social Inclusion

Affordable housing
3500 nos LIG units and 1500 nos EWS unites as affordable housing which is 16% of total housing units. Ground floor unites reserved for divyang and families with senior citizens only.-555.84 Cr.
Proposed Housing Units
  • The residential the proposed master plan spreads over an area of 215 acres of lands.
  • It covers up to 23% of the total site area.
  • The residential district is divided Into four categories:
1. LIG Housing - 6,500 units
2. EWS Housing - 4,500 units
3. MIG Housing - 4,000 units
4. HIG Housing - 5,000 units
5. Other Housing - 15,000 units
Total units - 35,000 units

Smart and Robust Infrastructure

Security & Technology

Safety and Security for All
  • The aim is to create and established excellent ICT based infrastructure for the planned project.
Three prong strategy,
  • New initiative to improve public service delivery
  • Application of technology for efficient and integrated management
  • Good governance system to deliver intended aims
  • Solar Project : 2MW solar park,38km long cycle track with solar roof top, Mandatory solar roof top for all houses.
  • Rain Water harvesting : percolation pit public places.
  • All building will be green building : Dual plumbing roof top solar for 10% power generation, rain water harvestin.
PAN City Initiatives Key Components Proposed